Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Demonstration against events in Baroda

Hi all...
I attended the B'lore chapter of the protest at the Gandhi statue on M.G. Road yesterday.
Strongly urge you all to track this issue as it is highly relevant to us.
Many useful links available, including first person accounts of the incidents.
The linkage back to the larger issue is chilling.

http://www.sabrang.com/tribunal/volI/incivadodra.html ("Concerned Citizens Tribunal" report)

Friday, April 13, 2007

some thoughts

nice link that i got in a fwd.
just chippin along, chippin along...


Friday, April 06, 2007

go for it

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


lots of interestin stuff happnin
good to see so many writer's bloc plays up and running!
and the eternal team bloggin question : what's new with everyone?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Whoever has any suggestion, either write to Rage or to Carl - whomever you are comfortable with. Maybe those can be implemented for the next festival and the next batch of writers. We are old news now. Period.

I just bought myself two graphic novels by Sarnath Bannerjee. i was very suspicious of him before. I thought he would be one of those long-haired, smelly, angsty urban manic with much gas but nothing solid. However, yesterday at the Bangalore launch of The barn owl's wondrous capers, I had to change my mind. Part of the credit goes to the performance by Nakul. A little of it also went to the free booze.

I am on my second play. Oh, i feel my fingertips tingling...a waiter at a restaurant, after midnight - another man visits him, smelly silence - the waiter's friend eavesdrop. Hee haw, I am on.


Whew! Just got done with my sister-in-law's wedding and came back to...this. Quite a lot happening out there, eh? I think we need to move beyond this issue now. This blog space was intended to be an angstboard/bonding/sharing space for a group of writers who came together coincidentally and decided to communicate with each other of their own free will. I don't think this is or should be space for bitching. Quite frankly, I'd rather not hear people voice their feelings about another group of people on this blog. I think it dilutes the process and takes this space to a zone which cannot be creative. I don't have anything personal against anyone, not even Vijay, because I understand where he's coming from, although I don't approve of his means of expressing himself. I've had my one-on-one with him over this, and I don't think it belongs here. Please don't turn entries into rants--not this kind, at least. Creative block rants are fine, but personal ones are very very bugging for those who aren't a part of the issue.

At my end what's news is that am trying to take the play travelling. Just one BIG problem... need to seriously rewrite the play before that happens. Am in the process of rewriting my first play, and that itself is taking forever. Please, those of you who saw my play, I'd really like some feedback. And really, I CAN take harsh words. Would appreciate them, in fact. The only thing is, would prefer them over email, if possible, cause its personal and not an issue others may want to read here. The only one I've heard from is Swar, and a little bit from Harriet. I know Ira and Sachin saw my play...did anyone else? Haven't heard from them, either. Please do write. You guys know what it's about, so I'd rather hear from you than from people outside the process.

This apart, I was thinking we need to get beyond the festival now. It's been two months, guys! Come on! Get on with life and writing! Whether or not the book happens, all of us have had a wonderful launchpad, and that's reason enough to buck up and get our acts together...wouldn't you agree? This was intended to be the beginnings of a community, so let's work on that, please. I have a feeling a lot of people out there are visiting this blog for the masala element...is that what we're finally about?

Monday, March 12, 2007

In other news...

Where is everyone? I know it's tough to have a meaningful conversation when there's buckets of excreta flying overhead, but surely something new has happened somewhere?

Who wha ... wtf!

What's this then?!? I'm away for a few days and the blog is being declared permanently moribund! What is this invertebrate inactivity!!!

I must say I've been watching the whole sludge match with mild interest and annoyance, but I think it's escalated to a ridiculous level and it's time to set some things straight. (Thank heaven the most idiotic parts have been on e-mail!) I don't even know where to begin and how to deal with this efficiently, it seems an immense waste of effort - but this issue is a large turd that one has to pick up bare handed and there's no clean way to do it. And I say we do this now because this shit really stinks...

I think we need to SEPARATE the multiple processes that are going on here. I find Vijay's comments (on Vivek's blog and subsequently on e-mail) hugely problematic because they make certain claims so strongly as to appear the voicing of a consensus. At several points I felt issues were being mixed, personal angst appeared as public injury and private conclusions were getting enmeshed with popular sentiment. I was also revolted by the tone consistently and found myself disgusted and put-off. Tragically, I chose to distance myself. At the same time, I cannot allow the trivialisation of something which I am sentimentally attached to - this space, memories of the process and the people I've met. Forgive me if I am harsh and pardon me if I am sentimental, but I will defend what I love as best as I can, and act as appropriately as I can to clarify the issues.

1. Everyone has had a different process - one experience is not the overall sentiment. Each of us has had our own unique challenges I suppose. It would help to figure out what went wrong and route those suggestions where they can be implemented. Perhaps the part of the process where the script finds a home with a director was the bumpiest part of the journey? Or the integration of the writer into the rehearsal process was not well handled? Or that the quality of the feedback on drafts left a lot to be desired in terms of quality and handling? No point slobbering behind gratitude, no point snarling rabidly - voice it.

2. Reactions to a review have no connection to the larger writing process. I think that the whole review fiasco was quite absurd. But it can't be linked to the failings of the workshop process. To make a connection between a review and the intricasies of an entire years worth of work is as irresponsible as junking the whole thing on the basis of one problematic interaction. The fact that it was done in a public space makes it doubly revolting.

3. One person's interactions with the organisers have no connection to the larger workshop process. This is the ickiest part and I refuse to engage with this. Wash your dirty laundry elsewhere please. Im the least interested in "who said what to whom and then you know what he said" - it stinks. I don't care what it is, what's true, what's speculation, I don't want to hear it in a public space. It makes me feel dirty and depressed.

4. Parading a personal slight as a larger and significant process is damaging and trivialising. I find the "colonial introject" diatribe is offensive; and the example provided to substantiate is as petty in content as the sentiment behind it. "Something we Indians do very well." - is the most alarming generalisation I've heard... If there's a problem of a particular scale that perhaps has arisen out of other macro-issues, address the issue directly. Linking it to the larger discourse makes the problem seem a lot bigger than it really is. And as a consequence makes the discourse seem petty and trivial. (I won't even start, on how something as practical as the mismanagement of a production gets positioned as a great subversion and malignment of feminist discourse.)

I plead that we all identify problem areas we have had, and address those problems appropriately. In this case, inaction is as impotent as malevolent anger. Well that's it. I've wasted enough time and effort on this.



Thursday, February 22, 2007

scripts please!

Hello you lot -- I've been thinking about you all even more than usual as I have started writing about my year as an observer of Writers Bloc. I'm starting off with an article and then will see if I can do more with it all (book?). I have loads of material on the workshop, of course, but would so much appreciate it if you could send me final versions of the plays that were performed last month. You probably have my email address but in case not, it is harriet.devine@tiscali.co.uk
Thanks and love