Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello, testing, testing...

Ram posted this I think a couplea weeks ago..."have we retreated into a personal shell? Do we write with myopia because we are confident only of our own representational stance, and eschew ownership of public conscience? How do you react to criticism that slots you into a 'self-absorbed urban angst' category?"
Read Pragya's review of Manji's play (the most glowing review so far, by the way) ... she talks about this very thing.
As you can see I'm trying to jump start this space.
Come on, guys.
Post! Post!


Blogger Manjima said...

Hi there,
Was discussing this very thing with Swar just now. Between the story and the backdrop lies the conflict of the play...where do we take it from there? I can appreciate Pragya's point of view. I just find maintaining the balance very difficult!

4:02 PM  
Blogger Manjima said...

By the way, where have you disappeared? Carl's coming today, no? We should have a reunion when he does.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Ram Ganesh K said...

Personally, I've figured you just do what you think is best given your circumstances. It's tough enough to be a playwright... I don't think I need the additional pressure of external 'expectation' ... (Although at a macro-level I do think this is something for all of us to seriously think about.)

ALSO ... Guys... this space was set up for us to be connected and discuss stuff that we all share in common. Every space has its ups and downs. And it's not fair to expect everyone to treat the space in the same way.

I know of a few people who have stopped accessing this blog because they feel the space has become unpleasant. I know of many many others who have remained lurkers and ghosts, keeping an interested eye on the threads but not bothering to post. And there are some who post so much that they worry they're the only ones talking.

This is a space. Space means nothing by itself. It needs people to make it more than a space. It needs RESPONSIBLE people to make it a meaningful space.

I'll probably bring up this issue in the discussion we have over the weekend after which the future of the blog, post-festival will be decided.

Frankly speaking playwriting is a shitty, lonely, thankless and miserable process. It helps to have shoulders to lean on, other playwrights to complain to, and have the knowledge that there are other guys up in the dead of the night. There ARE other playwrights who you can lean on for support. You are not alone. This space will remain - with all the gems that pop into it, all the shit you pump into it, and all the purpose you can channel into it.

This has been a hell of a journey. Thanks for everything you guys.

3:25 PM  

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